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Petcore Europe, VinylPlus® and APE Europe join EuCertPlast

EuCertPlast welcomes Petcore Europe, VinylPlus and APE Europe as Regular Members. Their membership marks an additional effort to ensure quality management systems in plastic recycling.

“Collaboration is key in ensuring the revamping of the plastic waste management systems, and it is for that reason that we are glad to join a well-reputed certification scheme such as EuCertPlast”, said Christian Crépet, the Executive Director of Petcore Europe.

“Trust in the quality of plastic recycling processes is a must for the establishment of a well-functioning and genuine secondary raw materials market, and with EuCertPlast this trust can be achieved”, commented Brigitte Dero, Managing Director of VinylPlus. “We look forward to advancing the set-forth progress and enabling the sharing of knowledge among the industry players”, added Bernard Le Moine, President of APE Europe, speaking voice of Plasticulture in Europe.

The fast-changing environment in the progress towards circular economy calls for the increasing transparency and traceability in the sector, which is what EuCertPlast aims to achieve. It will now be able to do so with a stronger mandate.

2020-10-28 Press Release Petcore Europe,
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About Petcore Europe

Petcore Europe, based in Brussels, is the association representing the complete PET value chain in Europe since 1993. As the voice of the European PET industry, Petcore Europe's mission is to enhance the value and sustainable growth of the complete PET value chain in Europe. For press inquiries contact

About VinylPlus

VinylPlus® is the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry in the EU-27, the UK, Norway and Switzerland. For press inquiries please contact Sylvie Famelart, Senior Communications Manager at

About APE Europe

APE Europe is the non-packaging plastics products’ association for agriculture. APE is acting for a sustainable, profitable production, and a reliable agri-plastics’ end of life management. Our priority is to provide farmers and growers with sustainable solutions for their production and the end of life management of agri-plastics. For press inquiries, contact


EuCertPlast aims at accrediting plastics recyclers whose activity complies with high quality standards. The Scheme is jointly conducted by EPRO, EuPC, Recovinyl & PRE. For press inquiries please contact Mireia Boada at


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