How to join EuCertPlast certification

Recycler selects an accredited EuCertPlast auditor

In order to become a certified recycler, a company will have to fulifll the following steps:

Auditor selection
On-site auditing

Recycling plant is inspected by the chosen auditor on-site.

Information exchange

Information is exchanged between the recycler and the auditor.

Third party checks

Third party checks by an anonymous auditor ensure uniformity and rigorosity in all the new reports. There are also spot checks on monitoring reports.


After a successful audit, a 1-year valid certification is issued.

The overall quality of the scheme is ensured by a certified and independent quality body which approves the auditors.

EuCertPlast audit can only be performed by an accredited auditor who has the authorization to carry out the inspection of the recycling plant. Each auditor must meet relevant educational and professional requirements. Please consult the Quality Management Systems to learn more about the procedure to follow in order to become an EuCertPlast auditor.


Here below you can find the accredited EuCertPlast auditors:

How to become an accredited EuCertPlast auditor

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