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What drives us?

What drives us?

The objective of EuCertPlast is encouraging environmentally friendly plastics recycling process by standardizing it.

The scheme focuses on traceability of plastic materials (throughout the entire recycling process and supply chain), and on the quality of recycled content in the end-product.

We seek to increase the transparency of the European plastics industry, as well as to integrate the varying auditing schemes into a common one. At the same time, we are aiming to determine the best recycling and trading practices.

Combining all of these aspects will allow recyclers to fulfill REACH requirements and food contact compliance.

The scheme addresses issues of varying standards across EU countries and the lack of transparency and traceability of plastic materials.

It was created with the aim to recognize recyclers operating according to high standards and implementing best practices.

The certification scheme itself works according to the European Standard EN 15343:2007.

With EuCertPlast, recyclers and auditors can work towards integrating different auditing schemes and creating an efficient, harmonized and transparent system.

The scheme was developed via a three-year project, co-financed by the European Commission, under the Eco-Innovation Programme.

Recyclers Certification
Founding members

EPRO is a pan-European partnership of specialist organisations that are working to develop and deliver efficient solutions for the sustainable management of plastics resources, now and for the future.

PRE is the professional representative body of plastics recyclers in Europe. PRE promotes plastics mechanical recycling and conditions that enable profitable and sustainable business, while offering a service platform to its members. Our members constitute 80% of the European recycling capacity, processing more than 3 million tonnes of collected plastics per year.

EuPC is the leading EU-level trade association, based in Brussels, representing 50.000 European plastics converters. Plastics Converters are users of plastics raw materials and recycled polymers. EuPC now totals 51 European and national plastics converting industry associations.

Recovinyl is an initiative of the European PVC industry.  The organisation was created in 2003 as part of the original Vinyl 2010 Voluntary Commitment to advance the sustainable development of the PVC industry by improving production processes, minimise emissions, develop recycling technology and boost the collection and recycling of waste. 



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