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Welcome to EuCertPlast

How recyclers can apply for the EuCertPlast?

In order to apply for the EuCertPlast certification a recycling company needs to:


  • Select an accredited EuCertPlast auditor (downloads section)
  • The selected auditor will come to make an on-site inspection
  • The auditor and the recycling company will exchange the ex-post information on the findings
  • The final certificate will be uploaded on the EuCertPlast website (downloads section)


It's very easy to acquire the certification. Check out our flyer for more information - click here!


Auditors Accreditation

EuCertPlast has now over 35 Accredited EuCertPlast Auditors accross Europe - check the Downloads page.

The accreditation procedure for candidate auditors is done in two steps:


  • Auditors will have to apply to the EuCertPlast Consortium - see requirements here.
  • The candidates meeting the requirements set by the EuCertPlast Consortium will be invited to pass the accreditation training and exam.


The examination takes place 1 to 2 times per year depending on the interst of the potential auditors.



The partners are from accross the plastics recycling value chain. See our partners sections.


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